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Why Do I Need To Automate My Business?

Delight Your Customers Everytime

To keep in touch with your existing customers and to attract and nurture new ones.

Get Time Back

Focus on creating great products and services while your business runs smoother.

Measure & Improve

Measure what's working for your business and what isn't so you can make the right decisions.

Systems & Processes

Feel confident your business will keep operating the way you like, even when you aren’t there.

A recent ServiceNow study , “Today’s State of Work: At the Breaking Point”, concluded the volume of work is accelerating dramatically. By 2020, 86% of companies will need intelligent automation to keep up, as revealed by a global survey of more than 1,850 business leaders.

The same study showed businesses with more than 20% revenue growth had higher levels of automation (61% automated on average). Those businesses with flat or negative revenue growth were only 35% automated on average.

Businesses with higher levels of automation are better positioned to take advantage of new technologies and will perform increasingly better than their non-automated industry peers.

Is Your Existing Technology Working Hard Enough For You?

You’ve got a website and it tells people about your business but does it talk to your CRM to automatically capture new leads?

Do you have an effective e-commerce strategy?

Have you thought about adding a customer service bot so your customers can interact with your business, even when you aren’t there? Would it work with your existing systems?

What Does It Mean To Automate My Business?

Automating your business is creating business systems (a series of processes) then automating those systems using software or online tools.

An automated process simply means that the software tool is consistently performing actions based on rules you have defined for the task at hand; that may include sending a personalised “Welcome” email to your new customer or it could be a product fulfilment list being sent to your packing and shipping supplier.

Sending an SMS reminder for a client’s appointment is another common automation task.

Somellier with phone and laptop checking his business systems

Having automated systems allows the people in your business to do what humans do best; creative, non-repetitive tasks like improving existing processes, designing new products and services or finding new ways to delight your customers.

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